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Renee Mangum


Renee Mangum

I am a spontaneous traveler, who make everywhere feel like home. I have never met a stranger and consider all my friends family. I literally grew up nowhere and I am from everywhere! I have a true love for the city of Raleigh and have called Raleigh home for almost two decades.

In my professional life I have had the pleasure of working on some fantastic historic projects in the downtown area. From assisting on the preservation of original brick in historic homes to moving a historical home through downtown Raleigh I have truly those projects. My favorite place to be is in my garage bar hosting and bartending or the beach! I am the mom of 6, (I numbered them and color coded them.. that's how). My story is unique and 100 % true!

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Thank you, Renee! You went out of your way to make things happen for me. You gave me sound counsel and were with me every step of the way. I really appreciated how you searched and searched until we found the perfect real estate for my needs. I felt ... Read More

We had the best experience buying our first home with Renee Mangum. We were CLUELESS, but Renee took us under her wing and guided us through every step of the process, even when she knew we weren’t quite ready to buy yet. She went above and beyond ... Read More

Renee Mangum is by far the best realtor I have worked with before. She has given me the best information about buying my home. I would recommend her to any and everyone I know Read More

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