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Agent Details - Pugal Natesan

Pugal Natesan


Pugal Natesan

Since migrating to NC almost 20 years back, I have worked in the IT sector assuming varying roles.
Having lived here in 3 different areas, and having witnessed the explosive growth of the Triangle
area, I have a good understanding of the cities in the Triangle area, and the Real estate Dynamics.
I'll be your Realtor who'll give you all the reasons to not buy that house, after looking at all the factors of that house and and unbiased assessment of the house's condition, age, surroundings, future development that could affect the house adversely. By doing so, I'll make sure we have not
overlooked anything and that the house you're buying is worthy of the price you're paying.

When not assisting my real estate clients, I enjoy playing tennis, table tennis, spending time with
my family and traveling with my family.



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