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Ron Carter


Ron Carter

A Virginia native, I relocated to Raleigh in the mid-90s as an elementary school teacher. After several years, I began the search for my “starter home” and began my home search. It was during this time, I discovered how much I enjoyed the real estate industry. My broker and I had several conversations regarding a career in real estate and after a haphazard meeting with him at the beach, I decided to pursue a career as a real estate agent.

I enjoyed the opportunities being an agent provided. I am somewhat of a conversationalist and love having people “share their stories “with me. The cornerstone, or perhaps my business philosophy was one of building relationships, not necessarily the sale itself. The Triangle real estate market was bustling and I enjoyed working with first-time home buyers. Having been one myself, I could empathize with them in understanding the multi-faceted process. However, as unexpected as the change was to migrate to the real estate arena, more change would lie ahead.

With the addition of my first son, I migrated to the corporate world, somewhat returning to my educational background. I worked primarily within the adult education realm, with a focus on software implementation and training. I have always enjoyed being a teacher/mentor; especially the imparting of knowledge and experiences to others. Working within the corporate sector, my second son was born and as children quite often do, grew up and now are in college.

The cyclical nature of life has now allowed me to return to my first passion, real estate. I look forward to reconnecting with former colleagues and clients as well as being part of the DASH community!

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