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Agent Details - Paola Matos

Paola Matos


Paola Matos

I've always described myself as being a multi-passionate person, and that has led me to pursue a number of different creative avenues. Not only am I dedicated to using my creativity to inspire and encourage others on my own social media platforms, but I am also passionate about using my skills and creativity to advance the mission of a company that serves others to the best of their abilities on social media, and that's how I found myself at DASH Carolina.

As the Content Administrator, I spend most of my day assisting in ideating, developing and creating content that showcases the fun, exciting, collaborative, silly, absurd, and spirited awesomeness that is DASH Carolina and all its agents. I also get to play in a really cool content studio with a lot of bright lights, cameras and flashy buttons, so there's not much I don't love! Having a significant role in showing future agents what they would have an opportunity to be a part of at DASH is a job I highly enjoy and am proud to do!



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