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Dorian Hamilton


Dorian Hamilton

Hello all. I am originally from Long Island, New York. I moved to North Carolina because of the military, and I stayed because of the wonderful weather and North Carolina Vibes. I have a full family life with three wonderful girls, a loving husband, a supportive mother, a grouchy cat and a cute destructive puppy.

I own a performing arts school named Invictus performing arts, where students build self confidence, make friends and do public performances throughout the triangle.The intense satisfaction I get watching my students grow over the past 9 years is one of my greatest joys.

I began my real estate expedition 20 years ago in Fayetteville. I have experience in a variety of Real estate genres. I started my journey helping our military realize the dream of home ownership. I spent over 7 years helping investors build wealth through investments, purchasing properties and mobile home parks. Then I managed those properties to ensure maximum profits.

I am a certified paralegal. I worked as a legal analyst where I helped litigate property disputes. I still get excited about real estate. I love meeting new people, showing homes to buyers, preparing homes for sellers, creatively marketing homes, negotiating, and confidently closing. When you hire a real estate professional, that person should be able to lead you through the transaction process with expertise through experience. I am that agent.

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